Dynamic Content & Liquid: Access order and subscription information


First of all, congratulations on launching the dynamic content feature. It’s fantastic and a huge step for Infusionsoft.

I’d like to use this feature to create better renewal notification emails.

is there a way to access the contact’s orders and subscriptions?

Thanks, Kim


Hi, @Kim_Streich,

That would be a challenge unless you can somehow use custom fields and/or tags to track which orders/subs you wish to address. At the moment, there isn’t a way in campaign builder to uniquely identify specific orders/subs and that’s what you’d need for that type of content.

I can tell you that they are working on a way to do this but have yet to have fleshed it out.

Any further information on this question since last January?

Hi Kim,

I’m working on the same type of project myself. There are so many variables based on company setup that it is hard to give a straightforward answer. Here’s what I’m leaning into setup-wise thus far.

I categorized products based on type/billing cycle/etc first.

Renewal emails. I created custom fields on the contact record that auto-populates based on ‘set the contact field for initial sign ups’ then ‘over-writes’ a custom field for last payment date of the specific product ‘category’. You can do that in campaign builder or purchase actions/billing automation under Ecomerce > settings.

This will let you set rebill notices to work around last payment dates vs subscription start dates. You can also use the prorate option so if a client is late on a payment, the rebill date will adjust based on when payments are made vs subscription start date.
tutorial: Automate Subscription Reminders in Keap and Infusionsoft | Monkeypod Marketing - YouTube

‘membership tag id’ is what I’m finding easiest for failed billing notifications so I can send the unique links vs generic’

For expired CC notifications, setting up under the billing automation is what I’m liking but it is a bit more limiting with liquid. However, I like that I can use the merge fields that specify the CC type, ending in digits, expiration month/yr. Pairing this with merged custom fields created is letting me subscription types, start dates, renewal dates, etc. Example of custom field merges:
[[ contact.custom_fields.Active’XYZ’Subscription ]]
[[ contact.custom_fields.'XYZ’Subscriptiongooduntil ]]

All of this can be done via Zapier too but in my case, that amount of tasks/zaps monthly was not practical long term. If you do explore Zapier, consider tag ids for sure. Other ways can be cumbersome.

Here are some other things I’ve found helpful for my own learning curve. I’ve used Keap Max Classic for less than a year, so there’s a learning curve.

[[ contact.first_name | downcase | capitalize ]] - If client’s name is set up in all caps this fixes it in emails.
{{ contact.subscriptiondate | plus_days:14 | full }} Tuesday, August 27, 2019
~today.date|plus_years(1)|full~ = Wednesday, March 15, 2017
~today.date|plus_months(1)|short~ = 4/15/16

Use cases:
“ Your trial is scheduled to end on xxxxx “
“ The subscription is scheduled to renew on XXX”

Hope something here will help you in some way. I’d love to see what others are doing. :slight_smile: