Annual reminders for subscriptions

We have an annual subscription product. Any suggestions on the best way to send a reminder 30 days and 3 days before renewal?

I’m sure there is something simple I am overlooking but I am looking for something that I can run:
A) every year to users who are still active subscribers
B) based on purchase date (or even tag applied date)


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You would need to have their renewal date in a custom date field in order to run actions based off of that date using field timers.

And then that date needs to be updated each year. PlusThis or another 3rd party like MyFusionHelper, FixYourFunnel, or Novak Solutions tools makes it easier to manipulate that date.


@Jarrett_Webster We have a tool specifically built to do what you want. We haven’t put it up on our website yet, so I don’t have a landing page to link to; but you can get free access to a Novak Solutions account and activate the tool for free inside your Novak Solutions account. It’s called “Subscription Billing Notifications” - it will let you pick a tag to apply and custom fields to copy essential subscription data into so that you can trigger a notification email with the subscription billing date and amount merged into it.

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Awesome! I set it up and it was super easy! great tool!

Thank you for your help! Novak Solutions seems to work like a charm!

@Jordan_Novak I do have a question on how this works - do we create a tag (say “annual renewal”) and apply that tag - then create a campaign based on that tag?

In the campaign have a sequence that is based on the next billing date - will Novak Solutions’ tool update that each year? I’m thinking the sequence would need to include removal of the tag so that each year the tag can be applied again as renewal approaches to restart the sequence. Is that right? or is there a better way?