Subscription campaigns


Does anyone here have a yearly subscription service?

We have an established campaign where the sequence has a wait 350 days and then they receive warning emails and enter various sequences depending on payment methods etc. There are lots of issues with this method and would love to hear how others manage their yearly subscriptions.


Hi Jo!

As you know, I’m familiar with your situation. There are really two ways to go about it: using timers like you are, or setting a custom field with the rebill date and then using field timers to send communications in relationship to the bill date. That’s the way you had it set up before. Personally, I prefer it that way. But both methods have their pros and cons. And Scott didn’t want to continue using the field timer method because of the problems that were fairly constant. But I believe most of those problems were due to human error, and people not undersatnding the ramifications of their actions (i.e. changing the rebill date in the subscription, but not changing the custom field as well - then rebill notifications get out of sync with the actual billing).

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Thanks Tyler!