Updating the Next Bill Date on a Subscription

Hello, our organization is a nonprofit, and we have a donor who recently upped his monthly donation to us. Because of when he set it up, it is going to bill middle of the month. He asked me to switch his billing cycle to the beginning of the month. The system is telling me that I have to wait for April (missing March) to do that. That would be an unacceptable solution. Can you tell me how to do this? Thank you.

Have they already paid for March? If so then setting the next bill date would create a payment ‘overlap’

Hey John, thanks for your reply. No, they have not paid for March yet.

Just a quick update. I ended up chatting with support and there was no way to do this. Didn’t get the reason, but apparently, it has something to do with updating a subscription within a certain time period of when it was initially set up. The rep had me set up a new subscription (and I cancelled the old one), which honestly only took about a minute or two.

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