Changing billing date for subscriptions

One of the things I find frustrating is the restriction around changing billing dates for subscriptions - the date window allowed does not always fit our circumstances. Example: We recently agreed to grant a billing pause to a user, but the system wouldn’t allow us to change the next billing date to what we needed. We ended up marking the subscription inactive and putting in an end date and will reactivate it when it is time to charge again - is this going to work or are we going to run into another snag when it comes time to have the system charge the user next time? Is there a better way to manage this?

Hi Lorri, That is great question. You went through the correct steps to stop the billing however you would need to create a new subscription when you want to start billing again. You can do this manually through the contact record.

Thank you, Amanda! I just looked at that and see that I can set it up now with a new start data and first payment date the end of June the way I want it to and I don’t have to worry about it. Perfect!

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Yep - I’ve dealt with that same frustration several times. As API developers, we generally default to recreating subscriptions anytime we need to adjust the billing cycle instead of trying to work with changing the next billing date directly. There are some cases where you can change the billing date, but it is very limiting.