Subscription Renewal Reminder - Novak Solutions

Is anyone using Novak Solutions for subscription renewal reminders? I’m trying to figure out how to tag these. Would you use the tag of the product or create a tag that says Subscription Renewal Sent? Not quite sure how this works.

Hi, @Lynda_Schuessler,

So this question is really more of a ‘tag philosophy’ question than specific to the sub reminder tool :wink:

You generally want to have a tag for any products purchased (even if only for tracking purposes). BUT, you also need a trigger tag to begin sequences/automations. Dividing your tags by categories, like history, tracking, customer status, triggers etc makes this much easier to see. So if someone purchases product a then you would want a trigger tag to kick off automations for that specific product/service, BUT you also want to set a history tag to identify that they have made that purchase as well. This will VERY much simplify your reporting when looking to break down purchases by products or product categories etc.

My rule of thumb with tags is, never let a tag perform more than one function. Meaning, a single tag should not be both a trigger and a history tag. This means you would want to have separate tags for each kind of information (in this example, action and history).