Tracking Facebook website link click as lead source in Infusionsoft

Is there a way to capture Facebook as the lead source when a user clicks our website link on our Facebook page, and then push that through to Infusionsoft after they submit a webform? I notice that there is a FB click ID in the URL after I land on my website from FB, so I would hope there would be some way of telling Infusionsoft that Facebook was the lead source?


There are several ways you can do this with hidden fields on your web form. The easiest would be to have your Facebook page link directly to your web form and have a parameter fed from that link (?leadsource=Facebook). You could also have a special link to a special web form that people can only get to if coming from Facebook. Finally, you could capture that click ID into a field and then run a decision diamond that has some sort of logic around that. There is no logic for ‘is filled’? But you can work around by saying if click ID contains 1, or 2, or 3 …).