Timers triggering instantaneously without waiting

Hi, I have a sequence that sends an email at 11:45 AM after a delay timer of at least one day.
After that I have another delay set for 1 day after the 1st email at 1:45PM to send email #2 and
then delay set to 1 day at 12:45PM after the 2nd email to send the 3rd email. The 4th delay is set to 4 days after the 3rd email at 1PM to send a 4th email. That one performed differently. Some contacts were triggered and other were not. It’s like if the timers we’re all preset based on when the contact entered the sequence and not calculated when the sequence reached them.

For 2 weeks it was working right. I needed to change the content of email #1 on tuesday so on saturday I changed the first delay timer to Tuesday at 1:45PM to have the time to change the 1st email and save it before it was sent.

By changing the delay timer to Tuesday 1:45PM, all new leads were queued to trigger at 1:45PM on Tuesday… All fine so far.

Then at 1:45PM, the timer triggered and the 1st email was sent… But then all the other emails were sent immediately. The other one day timers did not wait. All the sequence was sent to the contacts…

These emails are designed to put a little pressure a bit at time, but when sent all together, it cause the prospect to back off. I sent an apology but it looks bad.

Is this the way it’s supposed to works? if yes it is scary !!!

Thanks everybody

@Martin_Chagnon Not sure if you’ve figured this out or not yet, but could you put a screen capture of your sequence up here? That would help significantly with what you’re saying.