Email Sequence is not sending

Hi Community!

I have an event that happens every first Wednesday of the month. So, the first Tuesday of the month a 24 hr reminder email gets sent. For example, today it had to be sent but because it’s the 31st of August it didn’t send. Is there a way to program this 24 hr reminder email to be sent one day before the first Wednesday of the month? This normally doesn’t happen but some months start on Wednesdays and it will become a problem.

There is not a way to do an alert the day before a ‘X day of the month’.

You would need to run a 3rd party piece of software (like Integromat to do the calculation for the ‘x day of the month’ and then feed that date back into the system as a custom date field, then trigger your reminders based on that.

I’m doing this for a client right now.


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