Timer in sequence


I have a quick question I am looking for an answer to.

We published a campaign where we have 2 surveys. One of them will be sent 1 month after the customer signed up and the other one 5 months after that to mark 6 months into their subscription service.

Now, the campaign is live and the customers are scheduled to receive the month 1 email and survey.

The 6th month sequence is connected and we have applied a 5 month timer, however the sequence is not marked as ready.

Does that mean that the 5 month timer is also not live and counting?

We are planning to have the 6th month sequence live very soon so what’s the best thing to do here?


Since the timer for 6 months will not have triggered anyway, publishing this far ahead would allow them to continue on into it.

Thanks John. Just to clarify, the timer which will trigger the 6th month survey is not live. It’s configured to be light green but as the sequence is still in draft, the whole sequence is grey… Would customers still continue into this sequence and receive the email when they are supposed to - 6 months after they signed up?

Yes, @Rich_Robinson…if you re-publish the campaign, the system will reconfigure the elements for each contact currently in the campaign and if the email delivery is scheduled inside of 7 days from when it should have been delivered, you’ll be ok. So if no contact has been in the campaign 6 months yet, the system will see that 6-mo delivery still in the future. Sounds like you are ok :slight_smile:

Hi Cheryl,
The issue is that we have a lot of contacts in the campaign but the campaign is not finished yet as it runs over a whole year. Many of the sequences and emails are still drafts. Including the one with the timer. I wonder if we mark this sequence as ready now, would the contacts still receive the email when we think they should or would the 5 month timer start to count from when we mark the sequence ready?


They will receive it when they should since all the timers will re-calculate to reflect delivery times as if it had been published earlier. But if someone should have received the 6-mo email a month ago, they will not get that email if you re-publish now. If when you re-publish, they should have received it 6 days ago, they would be sent it immediately. It’s what we call “The 7-Day Rule.”