Third party Integration permission


We have a Third-party app called BirdEye which we use to set up our social marketing and also integrated it with Keap for other purposes.

So this BirdEye automatically fetches ALL new contacts added to Keap starting this year regardless if there’s a tag BEYE or not. We only wanted those with the BEYE tags.

BirdEye tech support informed that their integration relies on the permission integration set up by the CRM.

I wanted to know if this exists as we do not want BirEye to have all those Keap contacts stored in their database. Thanks

If they have a default connection you may not have the ability to do any alterations, filtering, etc. They have an open APi, so you could build the connection yourself using something like Make, and set up filters to only pull those with the applicable tag.

This is what we do. If you are interested in having us do it for you, please email me: