Does anybody utilize Keap for Membership Tracking with their company?

My company uses Keap to track Memberships at our facility. We use tags to indicate different Membership Tiers and those tags are used to identify what capabilities the Member has in our facility (i.e. free or discounted services). I am running into issues specifically with Linked Contacts - We have a Family Membership and we use the Linked Contact feature to link the two adults of the membership. However, when a membership is up for renewal in Woo Commerce, it only changes the status (Cancelled, switched to Monthly Payment, Renewed) to the original contact. We have to manually make changes to the Linked Contact. Hope this makes sense. Any information is helpful!

The ‘linked’ contact is something that is kind of an outlier within the Keap databases so not much you can do with it.

You would need to use a 3rd party to keep your two records tied together and then ‘cross-tag’ them when the tag changes on one of the records.

I would recommend using something like the Tag Associated Records tool with PlusThis.

So, when you have husband and wife, you could the PlusThis ‘set field’ tool to set a custom field on both records to a custom value (FirstnameLastnameFamily) … something like JoeSmithFamily, or use one of the ContactIDs to be sure it is 100% unique (12345Family). Then, use the Tag Associated Records tool to whenever the membership tag is applied to apply that tag to anyone who has a matching custom field.

So, the use case would be …
Joe and Mary Smith are your members.
Joe is contact ID 12345, Mary is contact ID 12346
Both have the custom field “Family Name” set to “12345Family”
Both are free members. When the free member tag is applied to Joe (primary), you run the Tag Assoc Records in PlusThis to find anyone else with 12345Family in the FamilyName field and apply the Free Tag. That tags Mary.

Then, Joe upgrades to the Paid Level 1.
When that tag is applied, it triggers the Tag Assoc Record … and Mary gets the Paid Level 1, etc.