Creating New Contacts then Applying a Tag

We are currently using a custom form on a landing page that is connected to KEAP via the API.

We use a separate API push to apply the tag per the documentation.

Most of the time the second API push fails and no tag is applied to the contact record.

I tried using Zapier to set up a similar interface and apply the tag that way, but even Zapier cant grab the tag data from KEAP to make a selection.

What is the best way to resolve this issue? Obviously we use tags to trigger many automation and to assign leads to their appropriate sales rep. When KEAP doesn’t allow us to apply the tag we end up with dead leads.

I’m sorry Andrew, but there really isn’t enough information in your question for us to help directly; if there is a specific particular call to the Keap API that is failing due to a defect you can submit a developer ticket to our support team for assistance, but we would need additional technical details (anonymized request and response bodies, request headers, response code, error messages in the response, response headers, etc).