Apply Tag to contact response FAILURE

We are applying tags tou our contacts via the API REST (Keap REST API) but, from time ago, the API response is a 200 Ok status but in the body there is a notice of FAILURE. Do you know what kind of FAILURE could be? Is a InfusionSoft error or do we need take an action?

Thanks in advance

You’ll get the notice of ‘failure’ if the tag is already applied to the contact (you can’t apply a tag that’s already applied). As long as you get a 200 server code returned, it was successful.

FAILURE is something internal failed. Busy database or something along those lines. You will get DUPLICATE back if it is truly a duplicate.


I’d swear I’d seen different but you’d know better than I…but still, why would there be a 200 response code on an internal failure?

The rest tag application endpoints allow you to batch apply. So you get a response back for each tag application SUCCESS, FAILURE, DUPLICATE etc for each one. We did have a bug that was fixed recently that if a single tag application failed in a batch it would bomb out and return a 500 with a generic rest error.

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