ClickFunnels / Keap / Post Affiliate Pro - Integration

One of our primary products is a 3rd party app.

  • Prospective Customers will sign up for a 14-day trial via one of our offer(s) - mainly via ClickFunnels.

  • On registration for the 14-day trial, we need to automatically set a “tag” from Keap, and that tag needs to remain in place throughout the trial, and beyond, if the prospect chooses to remain an active Customer.

  • Can you please teach us how we can do this? We will be using ClickFunnels including the CFs order forms so we need to understand what code to put on the CFs order forms and/or thanks pages to create these automated “tags” and then push/pull these “14-Day Trial Customers” into Keap.

  • After the 14-day trial period, how can we automatically remove these tags if the prospect chooses not to remain an Active Member?

(2) After parents sign up for one of our offers, we teach them how to set up a family profile for themselves and then for each of the kids in their immediate family. How can we link the kids to their parents and store that data in Keap CRM? What variables do we need to gather in order to link them to the primary account holder(s)? We also want to gather and store birthdays in Keap because one of our products will deliver special birthday deals and discounts to the families so they can celebrate their kids on these important days.

(3) We are also in need of pushing/pulling the Referring Affiliate Tracking IDs into Keap and storing that data which each customer record. We need some advice on how to accomplish this so our Affiliates can get created for Customers they help generate and retain.

If you have ClickFunnels, Keap, & Post Affiliate Pro, please get back to me on this as soon as this is very important to our current dev work.