Unable to remove or add tags from a group of contacts

After filtering my contacts to a group of about 20, I am unable to remove or add a tag to the group. Every time I try on any browser, system says it is unable to do it and I should try again later. Suggestions? Oh and I tried calling support. Was on hold for 15 minutes before allowing the system to take my number for a call back. Call back never came. Plus, the chat feature said I was next in line and I waited for 15 minutes on that too and was never answered. Clearly, the folks at Keap have no clue and they are about to lose a bunch of customers including me. I was reading the other comments about tech support and it’s sad because the tech support prior to the sale was outstanding.

The issue with chat (and other matters) seems to be a direct matter involving the domain name change and while I know they are working on it, will likely take some time to sort out. From a programmers view, I can see how it would happen but it also means that some planning was missed for the transition.

I tested both applying and removing tags from a list of siloed contacts and it worked for me. I’m suggesting a couple of things that I’ve seen cause weird behavior in the past just to cover those bases.

  1. Clearing browser cache/session data has cleared up a great number of mis-behaving IS issues for me in the past. While of course not 100% it has represented the solution to a lot of issues.
  2. I’ve also seen browser plugins cause a number of problems and you may want to try again without any plugins enabled (just to see if that is/isn’t it).