Tags disappearing

One of my contact (which is one of my email where I test my tags) has lost all of its tags!
the only tags left are from the 8th of april 2019.

This has strangely already arrived with other random contacts, and I need to get an answer of WHY this is happening?

What seems to be unbelievable is that I haven’t touch anything for the tags to disappear. It is also not du to a campaign. I need to know if it’s infusionsoft system that has had issues or is it some procedure that I have done? But I have to say, that since Infusionsoft has change over KEAP, we have had weird situation like this.

If I can’t trust that my CRM system will keep tags on my contacts, then I might change software

Has anyone had the same situation ?

I’ve not seen that myself and we haven’t had any posts that I’m aware of involving it here or in the FB group. The only way to track that down is to get with support and have them look at the logs to see if they can identify what happened or is happening.

I’ve not seen or heard of this occur in 10 years of working in apps as well, @Annick_Labonte. But that doesn’t mean it’s not for you. Do you have other Users in your app who might have unintentionally deleted them?

Rhonda first reported this issue in the Facebook group on April 27th.

Although we do not know how many other people have contacted support about it.

Annick, please contact Support about your issue. It could be an odd glitch occurring. Infusionsoft have recently been rolling out updates, so something maybe causing the issue.

I don’t see it on the known issues page either. That doesn’t mean it’s a known issue but items on that page are normally the most commonly occurring.

I am experiencing this issue as well. It happens for random users throughout the system.

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