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When we send an individual text message from app is the event stored to contact record?

@Amy_Vasquez Amy, there is no way to natively text from Infusionsoft, so the answer would be ‘no’. However, you could set up something immediately after the trigger to the text integration that would record a note to the contact record, or append the ‘person notes’ of the record to indicate what was texted to the person, so you would have a record of it.

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Thanks for your reply Jeff! Your idea sounds great, but sounds way over my head. How would you do that?

Hi Amy:

I can’t go into all the variables of using a 3rd party for texting, but most of them are triggered via an HTTP post or tag being added. Basically, right after that HTTP post or tag being added, you would just put an ‘apply note’ process behind it and include inside that note the same content as the text being sent.

Like this:

So, for example, if your HTTP post triggered a text message that says “Thanks for entering. We will text you with more exciting offers soon!”, you could go into your ‘apply note’ process and enter the same content that your text had. Like this:

That will create a note on your record like this:

Feel free to ask any further questions.


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Hi Amy,

I recently faced a similar issue that we got around by using an API to connect Infusionsoft to a system that could send texts.

It’s all a little complicated and you might not have another system like that available though. If the texts are fairly infrequent, you could do them manually by setting them up as tasks. Include all the text you want to send in the text message, including merge fields, into a task description and set the task to send a notification to the user who will send the text when the task is triggered.

Then just copy and paste the text from the email to your text message conversation with that contact.

This might not be a long-term solution and may only work for small volumes of people (since it takes up your valuable time), but it could also be seen as good for client relations if you can personalise the text and reply right away.

If you go down the API route in the future, using a service like Zapier might be of use to you. I think sending text messages is a sorely missed feature on Infusionsoft and I would expect it to be implemented eventually.

Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:


Thanks for details & example Jeff! Greatly appreciate it.


This doesn’t explicitly answer your question, but I offer it as a potential workaround, especially if you have a small list. Also, I’ve never tested this within the app. It’s just an idea that came to mind based on our prior experience.

There are sites that lookup the carrier email address for mobile numbers. I cannot remember the one we’ve used at the moment.

We had a lead that replied to an email saying he preferred us to text. I looked up the carrier email address and sent a message to both his regular and carrier email address, keeping things short and only with text - no graphics. I did this outside of Infusionsoft, thought.

Depending on the amount of time you have, you could look up the carrier email addresses and store them as Email 2 or Email 3, for example. Then you could create a broadcast email that is just text and send it.

As I said, it’s probably not exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s a possible, albeit time-involving, workaround.

I’m open to other thoughts and ideas, too!

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