Testing Credit Cards in Infusionsoft Order Form

We’re building an Order Form within Infusionsoft (it’s linked up with an Authorize.NET sandbox account at the moment). I’ve been using a test credit card number of 4111111111111111 and that always goes through.

My questions is: how can I test cards that are valid, but throw other errors (e.g. are declined)? I have our order form redirect to a thank you page on our site (passing along the order form variables as part of the query string), and I need to make sure we handle things like declined cards properly.

Let me know if more info is needed and I’m happy to share.

So your need is really involving two areas. Auth.net does have a preset set of card numbers (similar to the one you’re using) that are designed to returns specific results for testing. However, IS has a front end that preempts that process and it may use the LUND algorithm or other validation to first check the number so it may interfere with the backend auth.net process.

@martinc, do you know or can you find out if IS has pre merchant account validation that would prevent the use of the auth.net test numbers?

You can use zip codes to generate the various authorize responses per the authorize testing guide under the section “Generating Card Responses”

I’ve tried the form with the bad zip code (46282), and it still submits as if everything is fine. (The invoice shows up under the associated Infusionsoft contact as ‘PAID’.)

That was with the merchant account set to “Test Mode”. If I use a dedicated Authorize NET Sandbox account, all I get is the following error message if I try to submit the order form:

The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive. (13)
Oops… It looks like there was an issue with this transaction. If you’re unable to complete this purchase, try a different browser, clear your cookies, or contact us directly.

Are there some different settings I’m supposed to use here?

(Note: I did go here Authorize.net API Documentation and entered our Sandbox Login ID and Transaction Key, and it authenticated properly, so I’m pretty sure that part isn’t the culprit.)

Mine is in “Simulator” mode in Infusionsoft. I’m not sure which mode it is in on Authorize’s side. I’ve long since lost my authorize.net login :blush:

Thanks! That seems to be working now, and I’m able to generate the declines and other errors based on zip code and CVC.

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