Telephone intergration with Elastix or Supermicro-Asterisk?

Hello with everyone

Someone has been able to integrate infusionsoft with IP telephone exchanges such as Elastix or Supermicro-Asterisk.

The integration should allow:

  • Know duration of call
  • Record call
  • Origin of the call
  • Number of calls per Manager and per call campaign
  • General consolidation of calls

To control the call manager we need:
1: Number of calls per periods (days, weeks, month, year)
2: Number of calls per hour range.

I appreciate your help.

Hi Lily,

Infusionsoft doesn’t directly have an integration with Elastix or Supermicro. However, we have developer partners that you can find here that you could inquire with that may be able to provide the integration you are looking for.

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Hi, does Infusionsoft intergrate with 8x8?