Telephone intergration with 3CX

Does anyone know how best to intergrate Infusionsoft with 3CX IP Pabx?

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Do you mean 3CX IP PBX, the phone solution? What kind of integration are you wanting for your phone system?

Yes I mean 3CX IP PBX. I need to: 1- Open client record when they call 2.Creat new opportunity if No. calling is not in the infusionsoft data base or at least record new phone No’s ready for easy addition to Infusionsoft 3. Make it possible to make a call directly from a clients record. 4. Any other usefull intergration that will enhance CRM activities.

Check out how we do it - YouTube

I have the same question! 3CX to Integrate with Keap Pro

This video is gone, is it no longer relevant?