How do you call your clients?

The question probably goes to business owners and Infusionsoft active users.
How often do you call your clients?
What’s the way you connect Infusionsoft to your phone system?
Is there anything you’d like to improve in your overall communications with your clients?

Really interesting to know.
Many thanks in advance.


I think the question of ‘how often’ is impossible to answer. It varies with every business. I build campaigns for some people who call regular and some who don’t call at all.

As far as integrating your phone system, TurboDial is an awesome system that ties in a soft phone into your Infusionsoft account and tracks all the calls.

Hopefully that helps.



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I think it’s kind of obvious whether you call a lot and need to connect Infusionsoft to your phone system or emails automatization is enough.

Turbodial looks nice, but it’s 3-5 times more expensive than Wildix and seem to lack some features.

Thanks for your feedback!