Tel: links do not work in custom HTML - support says my code is wrong and to find solution here, LOL!

When using custom html code, infusionsoft system should not be creating redirect links for tracking when using href=“tel:” - however, this is not the case as their system is adding redirects for tel: click to call links.

I contact support to let them know about the bug and of course they state that this is a coding error on my end. When I show them that the code is EXACTLY the same in their html drag and drop editor, they tell me I have to “find” a way to make it so “their” system doesn’t add the redirect tracking link to my html. I’m so baffled right now with the level of disrespect from their support it’s not even funny.

Let’s look and compare code shall we?

InfusionSoft builder code:
Mysteriously, no Tracking Redirect Link Created… hmmm

My HTML code:
Oh what do you know? Their system adds tracking redirect… how odd

I had a similar issue a couple of months ago where I notified them that their HTML editor was not parsing the HTML properly, they swore up and down it was an issue with my code, after weeks of going back and forth with support, they realized it was an issue on their end and they fixed it. Here we have the same exact thing going on.

HTML Coding Gods… please let me know how to make the links not trackable.

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I can confirm this behavior. When using the Email Code Builder to create a new template I enter

<a href="tel:8475555555">TEST LINK</a>

After saving the template, InfusionSoft changes the code to:

<a href="tel:8475555555" class="inf-track-4254">TEST LINK</a>

Apparently in processing before sending the email, InfusionSoft then changes the code to

<a href="" class="">TEST LINK</a>

When that is clicked you will get an error rather than opening your phone app.

After directly emailing head of support it looks like they are going to fix this.

Support swears up and down this is an HTML code issue, even after I explained it to them that it’s not. Would be nice if support was more knowledgeable about all aspects email marketing.

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Not yet listed in They’re probably working on definition before they patch it. Did you direct them here? I posted so that I can show it’s reproducible and break down what I see it doing, which is pretty obviously an internal InfusionSoft processing bug. Maybe they’re stuck on deciding how to track tel links or whether it’s worth tracking in the first place.

i didn’t direct them here. I had a similar issue where HTML was not parsing properly on their end and wasn’t working in any outlook clients. They fixed that without adding to the bug tracking page.

The issue with Tel not working is most likely due to improper Regex, should be a pretty simple fix but most likely requires recompiling of the code base for the editor.

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