Inserting tel: links in custom email templates


I’m working in the new custom email template. I’m trying to make this link clickable on mobile devices which should bring it up on the dial of smart phones:

a href=“tel:~Contact._CallCenter1~”>~Contact._CallCenter1~ /a

The custom merge field is a phone number. When I send the email to myself it replaces the link with this URL:

a href=“” target=“_blank” data-saferedirecturl=“Redirect Notice

Which brings up a blank page. What gives?

The urls don’t look the same. One says myappid and the other days myaddid. Wouldn’t it automatically link as a phone number though?

Hi Candice,

I had to take out the opening and closing brackets in the links or else the forum would have made it a link instead of being able to see the code. Also for security purposes, I removed the APP ID in the second link and place the uppercase letters myself - the second I misspelled.

It should act as a link to a phone number. However when you send the email, it replaces the tel link with the second weird link. I can’t figure out why.

I solved this issue.

When building your email in code builder, you must insert:

class=“inf-tracking-no” or else the app will automatically add a tracking class and turn your links into an automated link in place of your desired URL.


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Thank you for sharing your answer! I’ve been programming IS solutions for years and that one has been an annoyance to say the least lol

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Super helpful thread! Just encountered the same problem.

Edit: I found that I needed to use




Otherwise it just kept inserting the tracking classes and causing the same link destination problem. Probably just a tweak that was made in dev?

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