Hyperlink Redirect

Hello. I’m having an issue with being redirected when I click on a hyperlink.
My process:
Open a contacts page in Infusionsoft Copy the URL
Paste the URL on the Excel Spreadsheet Click the link on the spreadsheet
Get taken to Infusionsoft Dashboard, rather than the contact Be disappointed :wink:

Is this something that I can fix via Infusionsoft (perhaps a setting) or is this an Excel thing?

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Worked for me using Google Sheets. Are you logged into Infusionsoft when you click the link?


Confirming. It works for ours as well and we also use the same approach for tags.

I am. I’ve tried all the ways, and for some reason, I’m continuously redirected to the Dashboard. Weird…

I’ve got to be missing something… I just don’t know what.

Hi Christina, are you able to record a video of exactly the steps you are taking?

Unfortunately, no. But I did list them in my OP.

I tested the Contact URL through Excel and Word, both direct to the Dashboard. However, if the link is used within Google Sheets Google Sheets: Online Spreadsheets for Business | Google Workspace or sent through an Email (anything online) it will open the contact record.

Here is a video

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So basically, I’m SOL? :yum: We don’t use Google sheets here… that’s a bummer.