Put link on contact edit screen to corresponding page in another system?

Our company has two web-based online systems: the Infusionsoft system managing customer interaction and the back-end system, which a parallel record for each customer. We want to make it easy for administrators to go from the Infusionsoft to the corresponding record in the back end system.

The back-end system provides a simple URL to locate a record based on the Infusionsoft customer record ID, for ID 56798, say:

How can we make it so that it’s easy to find and click that link from the Infusionsoft contact edit screen?

  • Charles

You’ll need to programmatically (via the API probably) populate a field in Infusionsoft with the URL to the record in your back-end system. I would utilize the Website field in Infusionsoft unless you’re already using it. If you are already using it, create a Custom Field that’s a Website type. The Website/URL type fields have a blue arrow next to them when you’re looking at the Contact record. If you click the blue arrow, the URL opens in a new tab.


To add to what @Tyler_Garns has suggested, maybe it would be most helpful in your model to create contact notes with the link in them. That way the contact can be viewed, a note selected and the link clicked all from within
the contact interactive view.

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Excellent! That’s exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for. John’s suggestion is good too, but actually doesn’t suit my requirement, which is an easily accessible link.

Thank you. You guys rock!

  • Charles
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