Is it possible to link directly to a tab in the contact record?

I would like to create a link to a specific tab in the contact record, like this:**tabname**

Is it possible?

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No, you would still need to run a script on the contact record page that would show the div based on the hash in the URL.

What’s the use case? It’s not a difficulty to click on a tab so I’m assuming there’s more to the story?..maybe?

We have an application form for working with us and I want to put a link in the email to the salesperson that goes directly to the form results, which are located in the contact record. No, it’s not hard to click on a tab, just trying to save a click if it’s possible.

If the information is stored on the contact already, then providing a link to a webform that populates with the fields in question might be a more direct approach?

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That would be a good option. I tried using the webform URL with the ID parameter appended but it doesn’t show the data. Any idea how I would do that? ( doesn’t work)

I believe the ID itself won’t populate the rest of the information. You’d need to add each field to the URL. Alternatively, you can use the “Auto-Populate” tool from Novak Solutions.

Thanks, Nathan! I am going to try that tool.

That link wouldn’t work…it would help to have a link to the actual form…don’t worry about the parameters

Thanks. I tried the Novak app and that did the trick.

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Good to hear :wink:

Joey/Jordan are great!

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