Tasks to be completed over the course of a week or longer

I have tasks within my campaign that give the sales person 7 days to conduct whatever Follow-up activity they’d like regarding the contact.

Ideally they would evenly space out a few calls and maybe an email over the course of the 7 days period. However, since My Day only displays tasks due for Today and Tomorrow (and Overdue), this task won’t be apparent to them until 5 days into the 7 days.

I have a number of solutions for this but would like to know what the community thinks would be best practise in this circumstance. I can:

  1. Alert the sales person via automated email and let them track the 7 days manually (using a spreadsheet or pen+paper)

  2. Set the task to be complete immediately and explain in the description that they actually have 7 days (then it will sit in their overdue)

  3. Explain to the Sales Person that they can use the Tasks dashboard widget to easily view and complete future tasks (As well as the All Tasks function in My Day)

Either way, none of these are ideal for allowing the sales people to get an overview of where contacts are, who they should contact, etc. I realise Infusionsoft is more adapted to automated procedures and less free-form Follow-up tasks, but I’m always impressed with the ideas of this community and there may be a better solution. :slight_smile:


Hi Joe:

I think the biggest obstacle here is your ‘variability’ in when your sales person is supposed to call someone.

If you want them to make 3 calls within the week, you could set up a campaign that is Task, timer, Task, Timer, Task, and the task simply says “touch” this contact (they can choose phone or email). Then, they sign off on that task when complete. If you set it up that way, every other day they will have a Task that is due for them to make sure they touch that client – and the 3 Tasks will ensure that these happen during the week.

Does that help?



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@Jeff_Arnold, the only issue with that strategy I can think of is that now they have three active tasks in play.

The prospects that will be contacted during these 7 days are all contacts that have enquired 3 days prior. This means they’ll be responsive but there’s still a mixture of hot and cold leads and will all need to be treated very differently.

The way the sales people interact with these leads will be adaptive to circumstance and so I’d rather not have these every-other-daily calls.

There are a lot of solutions to this and yours is one my boss had also suggested and a variant of it may actually work.

Thanks again,