Building Daily Call Lists


I am trying to get creative and move away from using tasks to drive the prospecting efforts of my sales team. I have tried a few different things but nothing has worked 100%.

Most recently, I created a custom field on the contact record called “Next Follow-up Date”. I used the “When Is It” helper from Myfusionhelper to route the contact through a call campaign.

If the next follow-up date was in the past, it would give the contact an “overdue” tag and 5 flames, if it was due today, it would give the contact the “due today” tag and give them 4 flames.

The call lists were then sorted by flame score and when a call outcome was recorded, it moved the contact through the sequence, cleaned off all the tags and looped them back through.

The issue I ran into, was that the “When is it” helper is not continuously running. So when the follow up date field changes, they don’t drop off the list until the helper runs.

I am not ready to completely abandon the idea yet, but I was curious if people could share how they build and prioritize their call lists not using tasks.