From the "My Day" tab, I need some help

I have 3 Items that I do every Day. Cold Call, Phone Call and Email. Tasks are easy for Phone Calls and Emails, all I do is right mouse on customer name and open in new tab and complete the task.

The challenge I am having is the Cold Call. If I run a export I have only a few fields to choose from missing are address and phone number at the very least. Hard to go cold calling without an address

From the “My Day” “Export” how do I modify the fields. The person who set up the original system is no longer with the with the company and was never a sales person. I am at a loss as to what to do. Forrest 360-726-7405


Is that a “saved export”? You should be able to use the whole contact list and just ‘check’ the fields you want. That appears to be a pre-saved listing?

Unfortunately it is a task driven export and I have no way of adding tasks to the search, Fields are available for everything other than Tasks.

Thanks for trying. System has some built in challenges for Outside Sales, or I am using the system wrong…

@Forrest_Yocom, have you tried saving in Admin > Reports > Task Note. Search by Task Type. Would that work?