Task REST Hooks - Capturing Completed Tasks

Using the REST Hooks, I have subscribed all the task events:

  • task.add
  • task.delete
  • task.edit

I am successfully receiving the events when tasks are created, deleted or edited. However, I do not get any event trigger when a task is marked as complete… Am I missing something here? Should that trigger the task.edit event or is that another hook I need to subscribe to?

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I believe you should get a trigger on your task.edit subscription when the status is changed and saved.

I am receiving a trigger when the task is edited i.e. the description, title or any dates are changed.

I do not get a trigger when the task is marked as complete though

Can you provide me a couple details on how I may duplicate this?

  • How was the task originally created? Manually via UI, generated by a campaign/action set, Rest API, or XmlRpc API?
  • How is the task being marked as Complete? Manually via UI, Rest API, or XmlRpc API?

I am using REST API.

I am subscribed to:

  • task.add
  • task.delete
  • task.edit

So far I have only tested manually from within the keap dashboard:

  • Task is Created manually within the Keap dashboard. I successfully receive the task.add.

  • Task marked as completed manually from the keap dashboard. I tested both methods of completing - ticking the box, and also pressing the 'mark task as complete". I do not receive any event triggers for either of these actions.

  • I tested manually editing a task within keap i.e changing task dates, description etc and I successfully receive the task.edit event.


I believe I found the source of this problem. I’ve got this documented and am sending a bug to our engineers that manage Tasks. I’ll make sure to provide an ETA on a fix for this once they have a chance to verify what is needed.

Thanks you for reporting this!

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okay great thanks, glad it wasn’t just me going crazy!

Look forward to the update.

BTW, Not sure if this is related, but I noticed that if a task is marked as complete on the keap web application they are still showing as incomplete in the keap mobile app (tested on andorid). If the app is connecting to the API I suspect this might be part of the same issue? Just thought you might want to investigate that too.

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Thanks @JustinGourley ,

I was just about to send them your way lol

I developed a task.complete rest hook that will now occur when a task has been marked as complete. This includes populating the Completion date and clicking Save or clicking the button/checkbox that marks the task as completed. Because these hooks are tied to DB events, if a task is completed by the means of populating the Completion date and saving the record you will see both a task.edit event as well as a task.complete event fire off. They both contain the same information.

This is scheduled for release on 10/14/2021. The list hook types endpoint will reflect this new option as well.

Let me know if you guys have any questions or concerns!

Thanks Justin, I look forward to the release.

Hi Justin,

Hope you are well? I have another query around this.

If a user marks the task as “complete” I am getting the event which is great. however, if they go in and change an already completed to task to “mark as incomplete” / untick the complete checkbox, I do not appear to get any event. Just wondering if this is a limitation or am I doing something wrong?



Hey Luke,

I will have to do some investigating to see if theres a limitation we are hitting somewhere or if theres a problem in the logic being used by the task event system. Do you mind submitting a bug around this use case so that I can get the work scheduled and organized?

sure, where do I submit as a bug?


Thanks, I have submitted

With next week’s patch there will now be a task.incomplete rest hook that occurs when a task goes from complete → incomplete via the 2 methods you have mentioned above. All other task rest hooks will still occur as they were prior.

Great, thanks for the update