Task missing from contact profile


I created a task using a REST API call. The task was correctly created, we can see it via API:

curl https://api.infusionsoft.com/crm/rest/v1/tasks/438?access_token=xxxxxx

{“id”:438,“title”:“Contact Science 1st call-Phone-No Answer”,“description”:“no answer at front office”,“type”:“Other”,“priority”:3,“completed”:true,“contact”:{“id":14022,“email”:"djacob.womenofhope@verizon.net”,“first_name”:“Debra”,“last_name”:“Jacob”},“url”:“https://api.infusionsoft.com/crm/rest/v1/tasks/438",“due_date”:“2017-12-08T18:33:31.000Z”,“creation_date”:“2017-12-09T04:08:40.000Z”,“modification_date”:“2017-12-09T04:08:40.000Z”,“completion_date”:“2017-12-08T18:33:31.000Z”,"user_id”:13675}

However, when we edit this contact in the app, there is nothing displayed in the Tasks. The page URL would contain the same contact id as in the API response:


Can you please help me. Why is the task not displayed in the page and how can we see it.

Thank you,

Hi @Robert_Howard, it looks like when you retrieved the task via the Rest API it reported as being completed. Can you check under the “Completed Tasks” section on the contact page to see if the task is appearing there?

Hi Nicholas,

There is no task displayed in the “Completed Tasks” section. The section is empty. Please see the screenshot below for the contact Debra Jacob:

@Robert_Howard Sorry for the delayed response. It appears that the tasks are assigned to a user named Benjamin so only Benjamin and admin users will be able to see the tasks on the contact record.