I want to automatically complete tasks and there doesn't appear to be a way to do this

We have setup a follow up sequence (I even tried this by setting up a campaign). when an email is sent to a prospect, the system will auto generate the task that the email has been sent based on how I have set it up. However, I also want to be able to complete that task without manual intervention. I thought if I ran a report I could select the tasks in the list and the drop down would allow me to select “complete a task” but that is not a feature.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you.


A. If you must use tasks for managing the process you described and you are simply looking for a convenient way to mark these as complete in bulk, this is currently not a feature of Keap.

B. If you have a bit of flexibility with your process, you could consider using tags to designate contacts who need this specific action to occur and removing these tags in bulk once the task has been completed. (Going this route would lose many task-specific features such as task assignment, task outcomes, etc. so it may be best to stick with tasks and manually marking them as complete.)

Best wishes as you continue to refine your current task automation processes!

Thanks. No we need to use tasks so that we can track the proactive steps that are being taken. Plus they easily show up in My Day and provide a nice, easy to use list for the reps.

I have shown them how to just “check” the box in my day and IFS will auto close the task.



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