Possibility to Add a "Complete Task" option to templates

Hello everyone,

Since I’m very new to this community, probably I’m not posting this in the correct section and if that is the case I would like to request this to be moved to the correct section.
Anyway… let’s get to it…

Since in my company we weekly import around 1000-2000 contacts, sometimes even more, and we need to register all the actions/tasks that need to be done and are complete and I found myself doing like 2000+ actions per day which is… a lot if you actually think about it, and my day can’t be only spent doing this stuff (just so you know I’m saying doing stuff like “1ºmail sent” as an action to all of this 2000+ contacts), so I thought to myself… “How about doing all of this in just one action?!”

I decided to ask for help from the people in the chat and they were very helpful! I found a way to do it but here is the catch… the templates, they don’t have a “complete task” option which is what would really be incredible since in a lot of tasks I create them and close them at the same time, simply to keep track that an action was made and then afterwards I create a 2nd one just to schedule for 2 or 3 days later.

So long story short… Implement if possible the ability to “Complete Tasks” in the templates.

Thank you.

Good morning Gonçalo,

I can pass your feedback along to our product manager, but additional information would help us get it prioritized; when you refer to templates, are you speaking of Email Templates, or some kind of Campaign? How are you determining there is a relation between the two?

If I was doing this, personally, I would probably set up a campaign based on the Tag Applied Goal of “Imported Contact” that would create a Task, send the email and add a delayed Task, then just include that Tag as a member of the Contact while adding it via REST. Would a solution like this unsuitable for your purposes?


Hello @TomScott

I’m talking about this one:

And inside you have this option:

It would be great to add a complete option in this one. We don’t want to be doing campaigns when doing this stuff when it comes to this matters, in other cases it would be a viable option but in this one due to internal reasons it’s not.

If you go to CRM > Contacts and select 2 contacts as an example you will have the option to create the exact same task for the 2 of them using a pre-created template for the action:

@TomScott Nothing? :confused: