Tagging a user when they land on a page - Clickfunnels


I’m wondering if there is any way to tag a user when they land on a page, WITHOUT having been directed there by email first…

So right now, we’re using Clickfunnels as our page builder. This is what we’re looking to do:

Page1) a PDF download. They have to plug in their email to move on
Page2) A video thats essentially a sales letter asking them to view the checkout page on the next page.
Page3) checkout page.
So we’re trying to make it so that when they either click the button on Page2… Or land on Page 3, it tags them in Infusionsoft.

“Apparently” the opt-in info passes along throughout the funnel, but I’m not sure where we can get that information from…

Any insight would be appreciated!


Hi @Alex_Shen,
The only way I know of to accomplish this would be to apply a tag to a given contact id. As long as you have control of the flow to Page1>Page2>Page3 I think this should be doable.

A potential solution might look would be:

  1. Create or Update contact
  2. Get the contact id from the call in step 1
  3. Pass the contact id through to Page2
  4. Make the api call to apply tag(s) using the contact id


Hey Carlos,

Could you be more specific as to what you mean by ‘Control of the flow’ ?

I’m the one who created these 3 pages on clickfunnels but as far as back end stuff, Clickfunnels is very limited as to what can be accessed.

So page 1 would be where the lead would enter their email and optin, then what would an example call be to get the contact ID and pass it to page 2?

I will have our developer look at the instructions you post :slight_smile:


Sure thing, what I mean by “Control of the flow” is back end access to the api call, or at a minimum, the result from the contact being added. More so, I mean that as long as you can get the id of the contact that was just added or updated from the “Page1” submission.

I am not too familiar with clickfunnels but I would imagine there is a way to configure a success action on submission of either “Page1” or “Page2” which could trigger the tagging of the contact?

If you handle the api calls outside of click funnels, this should definitely be possible through either REST or XMLRPC API.