Applying a tag when using Leadpages as a landing page

How do I apply a tag when someone clicks a link on my leadpage landing page?

I am not sure this would be possible. When the landing page is submitted, ofcourse things can happen as leadpages sends the contact over to infusionsoft from a form submission, but clicking a link from a landing page wouldn’t really have a way to associate to a contact. This would be the same for our native landing pages also.

I was told by LeadPages that I could ADD a TAG when someone Clicks the BUY Button on my LP Sales Page by Adding a UTM Variable" - essentially adding text to the END of the Order Form URL. To look like this: ?=TAG + Value
Q: Do I use the Tag ID as the Value? How would that URL look?

Would love to know the answer to this as well!

I’ve never heard of this and we use LeadPages all the time. If you are submitting their forms and creating a contact via the API, a tag that is identified will trigger a campaign but I don’t believe you can append a tag to a URL using a UTM variable.

Hi, yes, LP has ability to TAG a contact opt-in, but this is an Order Form URL, thanks!