Start a Campaign when a Custom Field is filled?

We’re using ScoreApp integrated with Keap Classic. We’d like to send an email campaign to anyone who answers the ScoreApp question “Job Role” with CEO/Founder. We are filling that Keap custom field successfully with new quiz entries, but that’s where we hit the wall. Is there any way to start a Campaign each time that field is filled with specifically CEO/Founder?

Here’s a screenshot for reference:

How are you getting that data into Keap?
Is it via an integration like Zapier or Integromat?
Does that 3rd party allow for a tag application?

If so, set up a quick campaign.
Apply a tag, then a decision diamond.
In the decision diamond, and 2 sequences
Set up the criteria: If Job Role ‘contains’ Founder - sequence 1, else sequence 2
In sequence 1, apply the tag for the campaign you want to kick off.
Sequence 2 can just be dead.


Hi Jeff - Thank you for the quick response.

The Keap field is being populated through the ScoreApp integration. There is no option to add a tag based upon a question’s response. The only option is to fill a Keap custom field with the question’s response.

So I think the question is, “Can a campaign start when a form field is filled by an external integrated application?”