[SOLVED] Spiffy Order Forms - Display Shipping Information Fields

Hello, all. I’m new here and hoping someone might be able to help me with an issue I’m having with Spiffy order forms.

I’m trying to override the Shipping Information script on my order forms and “force” the Shipping Fields to be displayed entering the following code - provided by Spiffy - in the order form’s HTML Footer section:

#ORDER_FORM_SHIPPING_ENTRY { display: block !important; } #SpiffyShippingPreview { display: none !important; }

However, the Shipping Fields are still not rendering. Can anyone please help?

Thanks very much,


Only part that I see that would have to do with it not showing is the part that says display:none. It is specifically telling that element to be hidden.

John- Thanks for taking a look. I actually solved the core problem, which was I had the Shipping option set to “No” at the product level. (Yep. I was doing a lot of forehead slapping on that one…). Thanks again.