Add an Email field to Shipping section of Order Form

Is there a way to add an Email field to the Shipping section of an Order Form?

Our company frequently has a different person placing the order (“Billing” fields) but the product is shipping to a different person (“Shipping” fields). We need the “ship to” person’s email in order to communicate other instructions about the product and welcome them. I have asked this repeatedly on Chats with customer reps and have been told they will put in the request but it’s been a few years now and nothing seems to have changed.

Does anyone in the community know of a workaround?

I have a few recommendations:

  1. Before sending someone to the order form, take them to a webform, where you ask for all the details including a custom field for shipping email, then all those details should pass to the thank you page (your current order form) so they won’t need to re-type them.

  2. You can include additional fields on the order form, but it’s definitely a code hack. I have the process outlined on my blog here: How to Add Additional Fields to an Keap Max Classic Order Form | Blick Digital

Thanks for your response. We have an API connected to our fulfillment service who ships out the content of the order. Will this still work if we hack the form (option 2) or will we need to set up a new API?


How is the API getting triggered? My guess is there shouldn’t be any issue unless you want to send that 2nd email address to the fulfillment house. If that’s the case, you’ll probably need to modify your API code slightly.

It’s triggered by a product purchase. We like the fulfillment house having the end user’s email so they can provide UPS or FedEx tracking info directly to the customer. I’ll play around with it and see what we come up with. Thanks for your feedback.