Skipped emails per batch

Hi there,
When you’re in View Email Batch, (ie Marketing>Reports>Email Broadcasts) and you click on ‘Emails Skipped*:’ under the Send Progress heading – currently it shows every person who has ever been skipped, rather than the people skipped for that particular batch.
Can this be altered, so I can see just the people skipped for that batch, otherwise that function seems rather useless.
Interested in hearing your thoughts.

Yeah, that’s a tricky one. There IS a little caveat on that page that tells you what you’re about to see, but it’s annoying that they make this harder than it needs to be.

Contacts are usually skipped in a broadcast because:

  1. They were on the recipient list twice
  2. Their email address is non-marketable
  3. Their email address is missing
  4. Their email address is invalid (like, improperly formatted)
  5. They’ve previously opted out
  6. Their email address is marked as a hard bounce (or similar)

You can find all of these contacts using the other searches/reports in the system (namely the Email Status Search) under Marketing>>Reports. Actually, this is the report that the Skipped Contacts link takes you to, it just sets some criteria ahead of time.

So, my recommendation would be to click through to that search, and then add additional criteria to refine it down to that specific broadcast. So, if it was your blog subscribers, you could filter the skipped contact list to show you only those who skipped, and have your “Blog Subscriber” tag, etc.

Not perfect, but should help in most instances!

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