Skills testing software integrating with IS

Does anyone know of a (skills) testing software that integrates with Infusionsoft either via an API or Zapier?

We are a recruitment firm and we need to test our candidates where we can ask a question and apply a tag for each answer.

Currently, we are using Typeform, although it does list each question and the answer, it does not tell us which answer the tester answered wrong.

We need to see which answers the user got wrong including their answer.

Can anyone assist?

Hi Christian, I tend to use JotForm in this situation - it directly integrates to Infusionsoft and you can put each answer into a custom field etc.

Most of what you’ll find involves integrating forms with IS but specifically skills testing might take something like a Wordpress plugin that can hopefully be integrated with IS. So Jotforms could be used but it’s not specifically a “skills testing” platform…rather a forms platform.

Hi John,

It is not really skills testing. It is just a testing software where we can define questions e.g. “Is this red or blue?” We define red as correct and report is generated after the test and we can see (and tag) every answer plus which ones the answered correct or incorrect. If you come across any then I would love to hear about it.

We will look into WP plugins… :slight_smile:

Thanks Andy. We will look into JotForm

Christian, not sure if this is what you want, but creates quizzes etc and integrates with IS. You can easily apply a tag to every answer. Might be worth looking into.

Thanks for the tip. I will look into this :slight_smile:

I just integrated Interact quizzes into IS without a hitch. :slight_smile: Perfect for quizzes, polls and giveaways.