Forms with conditional logic and Infusionsoft integration

Hi all.

Looking for recommendations for online form builders that have both conditional logic functionality and Isoft integration out of the box.

I want to create surveys and data collection forms that feed data back into Isoft, but need the ability to hide/show parts of the form depending on answers selected.

Is anyone doing something similar here?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Gravity Forms has conditional logic on WP sites (there’s a free plugin for the IS integration) and there are a couple of themes that have integrations available I believe.

Thanks for replying so quick John.

I don’t run a WP site, plus I think the Gravity integration needs Zapier to work, so not an out-of-the-box integration (also I see from the only review for this plugin that “only the $199 Professional Developer Version of Gravity Forms works with Zapier”).

I use GF regularly for our web integration and for clients. It does not need Zapier. However, that would have required WP of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Still, I guess the question that needs to be asked then is what might you have envisioned for your surveys. Is this something you already have ideas about or are looking for ideas on how to do? WP/GF is one option but not the only option.

We had a similar challenge and chose Formstack + for our onboarding form Tenant Onboarding - Formstack
It works beautifully.


Sounds promising @John_Borelli ! Do you have a link to the plugin that provides Gravity/Isoft integration

Do a search in your add a plugin within WP. Search for gravity forms infusionsoft

Thanks and everyone else who commented.

I haven’t really found a good solution so far.

The WP plugin you mention @John_Borelli is no longer maintained.

I have only found 1 form builder that integrates out of the box with isoft , JotForm, so testing this now.

@Owen_Smith FormLift might be an option for you.

SurveyMonkey + NovakSolutions integration gives you a lot of flexibility.

I would also second the FormStack option.

Thanks @Adrian_Tobey but I don’t think Formlift has conditional logic functionality

You could have a look at

Thanks, looked at this site for a bit, couldn’t work our what they were trying to sell :confused:

I agree it is ironic that they sell marketing software but can’t communicate it effectively on their site!

They sell a conditional logic system which asks questions based on previous answers. Sort of like a dynamic survey. I think it is $49 p/month. I have not seen anything else as flexible as their system. If that price works for you I’d suggest you persist with them - I think it will do what you want.

ps I am not affiliated with them. I just came across there system after we spent a pile of money building a customised system ourselves - which still doesn’t do half of what their system does.

Jotform is great for exactly this.

Thanks @Kim_Caloca I came across this too.

It looks to be the only one so far that meets my requirements. Will let you know how I get on :wink:

Dear Owen, I’m having the same question as you have, and I wondered which solution you came up with finally?