Show Parent/Child Relationship to Referral Partner

One of our Referral Partners will be bringing new Referral Partners to us. We are setting him up as the Parent of these new Referral Partners.

We need a way to show him the Referral Partner “children” that are set up underneath him. I know that I can access CRM->Reports>Referral Partner Structure to see this information, but I’m an Infusionsoft User and he isn’t.

I need to show the Referral Partner all the “children” that have been assigned to him (and only him), preferably within the Referral Partner Center portal. How can this be accomplished?

Unfortunately, without a user login, they won’t have access to any personally identifying information about their down-line.

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Could someone build a program or application to extract that data? Is that kind of thing a possibility?

I believe that kind of thing IS possible. It’d involve running an API job to pull the specific data associated with the report you mentioned, and then formatting it in a way that allowed your partners to query it, to see the information that was appropriate for them.

@John_Borelli or @Joey_Novak might be open to a project like this!


Hi @Leigh_Fernandez,

The Affiliate table does have a ParentId field that would identify what affiliate is the parent affiliate and that, of course, does mean this could be done with code. The question then would be, what system would it be displayable with. Most everything in the UI would not allow you to show a page like that directly in the interface but outside solutions like a WP report page are definitely doable.

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Thanks for responding, @John_Borelli . How can I get in touch with you to chat further about this project?

Hi @Leigh_Fernandez,

I sent you a community PM