Setting up a tracking system at a specific point of order process

Hello! I need to set up a tracking system so that at a specific point of a client’s ordering process, I get a notification. It would be tied to the number of times a re-occuring order is processed…thoughts and easiest way to do this?

You might look at PlusThis. There is a math function you can use to do this combined with a campaign. When the first charge goes through, you run the post & PT puts a “1” into a custom field & applies a tag. The campaign looks at that field via a decision diamond, filters it to the correct sequence, then removes the tag. When the next charge occurs, the post runs & PT adds a 1 to the total already in the field and re-applies the tag. The campaign uses the DD to filter to the correct sequence and again remove the tag. When that field reaches the desired number, the DD will filter into a different sequence that will send you an email with the customer’s name merged into the body of the message.

Does that sound like what you’re looking for?

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do you know if fix your funnel will do it as well?

I haven’t used FYF, but I’m aware that they do have a counter bot, so I would assume that someone has done this before. Check it out. I think I saw that they offer a 30-day $1 trial.