Apply tag after order form submission


I am trying to apply a tag when a specific order form is submitted. But it has to be based on the order form and not based on the product purchased.

My use-case is that we oftentimes have promotions for the same product, but focus on specific features. And then we want to send a follow up email that refers to the features and bonuses offered on that specific order page.

With the legacy order forms you could execute an action set and apply tags that would do it. But current order forms don’t seem to have an option for this.

Is my only option to create separate products for each order form and promotion?

Hi @Kim_Streich - I have to admit, I’m struggling to think a way of doing this without using different products I’m afraid.

Great question, I’ll keep musing on this and see if I come up with anything.

There MAY be a way of using custom fields, which a DD can then read, but I don’t have great success with custom fields on order forms, I know other do better :slight_smile:


Thanks Andy, your idea with a custom field seems to work.

  • Add a custom field. In my case LastOrderStepId
  • To the order form under custom footer add jQuery("#orderForm").append('<input id="Contact0_LastOrderStepId" name="Contact0_LastOrderStepId" type="hidden" value="563">');
  • Change the name and id in the code to match your custom field
  • You can replace 563 with any value that identifies your order form. I am using my funnel’s step ID here
  • Then create a campaign like this:
  • Setup the decision diamond:
  • Then add a “Set Field” step to the sequence that sets it to some impossible value like reset. This will ensure the sequence is not run again if someone makes another purchase that doesn’t overwrite the field.

This is not battle-tested, but it has promise. The only problem I can think of is if the purchase goal is for some reason delayed by IS and the person places another order before that.

Unfortunately it is not possible to access order fields after a purchase action as it is possible with web forms.
Seems to work fine.

Looks a very nice solution!

Is this likely to be a product that people complete the order form of repeatedly?

Don’t forget that there is a setting in the back of e-com that also prevents people from replacing orders.

This is REALLY interesting, please do keep up informed, loved what you have done there!


There is this video I’ve seen Infusionsoft - How to Add a Tag or Trigger Automation Based on an Order Form Submission - YouTube. It uses the Web Page Automation goal to start the sequence. I’ve been attempting this and can’t seem to get it to work.

Any ideas on this method? I am unable to use the custom field method for various reasons.
@Andy_Wroe @martinc??

It didn’t work using a web form, but it did work when i redirected to my own web page. I don’t know why yet, I’ll look into it a bit later today.

First, you don’t need to add the tracking script to the web form because all infusionsoft hosted pages have one already.

Second, uncheck the “Pass contact’s information…” option on the order form Thank you page settings. The tracking script doesn’t seem to work when the URL has a really long query string on the end.

After that, it should work fine.


@martinc I hope they’re paying you well over there. You’re a bloody genius

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@Logan_G - one of the main problems I find is getting the tracking cookies onto the clients devices. So outside of this situation, where you have it covered already, click on email links in emails also helps a lot

Absolute legend Kim! Your code solved my exact issue i had been having for weeks!