Setting a field value based on a date-range and product type

TL;DR: I’m searching for a solution (sequence or otherwise) that will set a custom field’s value to the total amount spent in a given calendar year on a specific category of product. IE: the total spend on all products listed in the “Donation” category.

Hi all. Non-profit organization here in a bit of a pickle. We are in the process of running reports to send to our customers/donors for their taxes. Last year, an ad agency was handling this process for us, and has refused to provide any further details on the process. Essentially, we are using a 3rd party integration called “PlusThis”, which allows you to build HTTP Post tools to set custom field values. Their support has confirmed, however, that they are unaware of how this is being set.

Take a look at the screenshot below, which will help catch you up to speed:

When ran, the PlusThis HTTP Post tool will fill the first three fields for a given year. However, as you can see, the “2023 Calendar Year Donation Totals” is still showing as blank. This field is not included in the tool, and the Support for PlusThis is saying that there is no way to achieve this with their automation.

I need that field to contain all donations made in 2023 - our products are categorized, so it feels like a somewhat simple solution, however, I cannot seem to figure out how to achieve this!

I am more familiar with Hubspot/Marketo, and relatively new to IS/Keap. Any suggestions are incredibly appreciated!

We can assist using a different 3rd party to get this done (we have done this previously for others). Too complex to explain in detail, but basically we gather all people who have donated, tally up all orders/donations, then put that into the field. If you are interested in looking to having us complete this for you, please reach out to our Technical Services Manager, Michael ( and he can give you an estimate.