Set-up Strategy

Our company Rent to Credit reports tenant’s monthly rent payments to the credit bureaus to benefit their credit score.
During our onboarding process a tenant specifies a Landlord name and email. These populate custom fields in the Tenant’s contact.
I built a campaign to send _landlordemail a welcome email (pictured below), asking them to click-thru to a Landlord onboarding form where they can upload needed docs.
I used ~Contact.xxxx~ name/value pairs in an attempt to pass data from the Tenant’s contact (i.e. Current Rental Address, etc.) to the Landlord onboarding form through the email click. Submission of the Landlord Onboarding form then creates a contact for the Landlord (via bot). Problem is Infusionsoft is attempting to pass data from a contact associated with the “To” email address not the original Tenant contact.
Is there a cleaner way to set up these Tenant - Landlord contacts that would allow me to email the Landlord and write to a custom field in the Tenant’s record based on the Landlord’s action?