Server error by using oauth-state for OAuth authorize

Hi, we have problem with OAuth2 specifically with oauth-state Prevent Attacks and Redirect Users with OAuth 2.0 State Parameters

If we call with state object and press allow.
Then we get server error (500) from

Unfortunately we need this information for next redirection in our app :confused:
Can you fix/add support for this feature?


I have duplicated the issue and we are receiving an error from our OAuth provider Mashery. I will dig into today to see what the issue and get back to you.

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@APIR_Dativery Super sorry for not getting back to you one this. This has been fixed. Let me know if it is not working for you.

Thank you now it is working.

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please help we are getting the same issue.

{“error”:“server_error”,“error_uri”:“xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal error occurred”}

@bradb please help.

What is the url you are using?

HI @bradb. I am getting the same issue today. Can you please help me handle this? Thanks

the error : error=server_error&

OAuth URL :

We are also receiving the same error as described in post #7 (Server error by using oauth-state for OAuth authorize - #7 by bradb)

Please advise. Thank you.

We determined that @Winter_Valko was using a fragment in his redirect_uri which is not allowed per the OAuth 2.0 spec. We need to know the full url you are using to authorize to investigate anything.

Thank you. Here is the URI I’m trying, which uses the App ID as the “client_id” (Using the API Key generates “You need to have at least one Account linked to your user in order to grant access” error):

That client_id in the url provided is incorrect, The API Key is the correct one to use. The You need to have at least one Account linked to your user in order to grant access" error means you don’t have access to a Keap nor Infusionsoft application to connect to. You need to be invited to an application first.

Thank you, Brad.