Sandbox API endpoint

I would like to know where is the infusionsoft sandbox API endpoint, the url of my sandbox is, and i need to use OAuth for testing. Can anyone, please, help me?

There is no difference in endpoint. OAuth handles authentication on an app specific basis.

Hi John, i saw your video, but i am getting an error, Invalid Client.

You’ve registered for Mashery account, have your client id and secret and verified that the account status is not “pending”?

Hi John, i am sorry for been so late to answer, thanks for your help, i have advance, right now i have a problem with a REST hook creation, i am getting {“message”:“Input could not be converted to a valid request”}, this is the code:
headers = {
“Accept”: “application/json, /”,
“Authorization”: “Bearer {0}”.format(request.session[‘access-token’])

data = {
    "eventKey": str(hook_selected),
    "hookUrl": str(HOOKURL)

response ="",

@Nerio_Rincon That specific error typically happens if you send us invalid json payloads. Can you paste what the actual payload across the wire looks like?

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