Can't oAuth. oAuth Broken

When I request an oAuth it was working fine until about two days ago.[client id token]&response_type=code&scope=full

I receive an error on the page that reads:

You need to have at least one Infusionsoft Account linked to your user in order to grant access.

Need help? Call toll free:

I have logged in with two separate accounts. One is a developer sandbox account with a sandbox infusionsoft account. The other is an account with two accounts linked to it.

oAuth requests WERE working, but now they are not. What’s up.

I have opened tickets, but heard nothing. I don’t see any obvious way to search this forum to see if others have had the same issue so I apologize if this has been covered.

I figured it out. My callback_url was not populated correctly. Would probably be good for Infusionsoft to include a better error here. I had been waiting for 2 days to hear back from Infusionsoft with no response over something very simple.

It actually already been fixed, and staged for our next deployment. Sorry for the inconvenience.